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26/01/04 - Carers Portal

An estimated £50,000 p.a. has been saved in the administration of a new scheme for direct payment for Carer Breaks. This project has developed an Internet based service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week providing a single portal through which it provides access to services and information needed by individuals in their capacity as a Carer.

19/01/04 - Rizer

Rizer is a successful and unique initiative to deter young people from a life of crime. It provides impartial advice and information on the criminal justice system for young people. It diverts young people from crime via information about the consequences of offending. Over 1,000 young people have contacted the Rizer 1-1 advice service run by Connexions Direct for help and advice with legal problems and crime-related issues.

January 2004 - Kent Connects Enews

09/02/04 - Advisory for Primary Care Drug Treatment

This project is building on an existing small network of GPs in order to convey high quality advice, information and news thus building the skills, knowledge and confidence of GPs in drug misuse treatment.

16/02/04 - Tameside Passport to Learning

Statistics from one partner company show the impact of online basic skills training delivered in this way: prior to implementing online literacy training the company had 56% returns to the warehouse, now the figure is 18%.

23/02/04 - Carmarthenshire Crime/ Burglary Reduction

The project ensures houses and gardens are repaired/maintained, removing the offender's justification for contacting the potential victim. Hand in hand with this is targeted crime prevention advice, target hardening where required, and "designing out" of crime.

February 2004 - Karrot Kommunique

01/03/04 e-@approvals

A new process more efficient and by issuing approvals electronically with digital signatures has saved over 600 staff hours in the first 6 months.

30/06/04 - Electronic Data Delivery for the Plant Breeding & Seed Indsutry Project

The Seed Certification On-line system is launched industry-wide today.

The new on-line system allows seed certification applicants in England to make their applications on-line or send information contained on their own IT systems directly to Defra.

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