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Invest to save budget (ISB)

Invest to save budget (ISB)

The Invest to Save Budget (ISB) is a joint Treasury/Cabinet Office initiative with an aim to create sustainable improvements in the capacity to deliver public services in a more joined up manner.

ISB encourages innovation and partnership throughout the public sector, in order to improve the quality and cost effectiveness of public services. A key principle of the ISB programme is that investment is provided in return for reform.

The ISB Review has attempted to evaluate the difference the ISB has made in the following areas:

The Review is divided into two distinct themes:

  1. The ISB as an effective mechanism for investing in public service innovation. The Review looks at whether the ISB model is an exemplar grant funding scheme and identifies the positives and negatives of the processes in place and how effective they have been in gathering the lessons learned.
  2. Analysis of the lessons learned for public service delivery and evidence of the value for money/efficiencies generated. This considers:

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