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Keeping crime down

Crime and victims

How we're keeping crime down and supporting victims

We're the government department responsible for reducing and preventing crime. We put the concerns of victims of crime at the heart of the work we do.

In this section you'll get a picture of crime in the UK, information on how we are tackling it and how you can help prevent crime. We also provide information on the help and support we are offering victims of crime.

What we're doing to keep you safe from crime

We've introduced a range of measures to help you keep you, your business and your home safe. Find out more about these schemes below:

Help for people in abusive relationships

If you're in a violent or abusive relationship, or if you're supporting someone in that situation, help is available. Download our leaflet on domestic violence, or find out more about the work we are doing to stop domestic violence.

Ending violence against women and girls

Our strategy sets out detailed plans and actions to protect victims and prevent violence from happening. Find out about our commitment to end violence against women and girls.

Keep your home secure

We've put together a useful pack of information about securing your property. Find out more and download the pack. You can also try our three-minute online scorecard to find out how your home stacks up. 

Find out how safe your business is

We've launched an online questionnaire to help you assess how secure your business is. Take our questionnaire, or find out more about business and retail crime, including how you can apply for a grant (new window) to make your business safer.

Stop hate crime

We've launched an action plan to tackle hate crime. Visit our hate crime page to read more about what we're doing to stop this kind of crime.

Watch the 'Make your home safer' video on YouTube   

The Safer homes fund helps to keep vulnerable people safe from burglary. Watch the video (new window) on YouTube and read the transcript.

Reducing the effects of organised crime

In July 2009, we published a refreshed strategy called Extending our reach: a comprehensive approach to tackling serious organised crime. It outlines how we plan to make sure the government, law enforcement agencies, businesses and the public have the necessary tools to reduce the harm caused by organised crime.

Explore this section:

  • Worried about crime?

    Even as crime rates have declined, many of you are more worried about crime than ever - here are some facts

  • Crime statistics

    We regularly compile and release information on crime in England and Wales- see the latest figures here

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