Wednesday 20 June 2007

Blair archive - podcasts

Listen to podcast episodes involving former Prime Minster Tony Blair. You can listen to each interview by clicking on the "mp3" link.

Patrick Kielty interviews the PMs on peace in Northern Ireland

16 May 2007

Chat showhost Patrick Kielty interviews Bertie Ahern and Tony Blair, 15 May 2007 Chat show host Patrick Kielty questions the British and Irish leaders on seizing the opportunity for peace in Northern Ireland

PM and Geldof reflect on the state of Africa

5 May 2007

Bob Geldof and Tony Blair discuss Africa for a Downing Street podcast, May 2007 Tony Blair and Bob Geldof look back to the Gleneagles agreements and progress in Africa since, and what the future holds.

Simon Schama’s history interview

23 March 2007

TV historian Simon Schama interviews Tony Blair for a Downing Street podcast The TV historian and lecturer Simon Schama and the Prime Minister enjoy a fascinating discussion about history, a subject Mr Blair admits he would liked to have read at university, rather than law.

"Hamster" tackles PM on road pricing

1 March 2007

Tony Blair answer questions from Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond for our podcast Road pricing may or may not be the answer to congestion, but it must be considered as an option, Tony Blair tells Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond.

PM and Stephen Fry reflect on modern Britishness

9 February 2007

Tony Blair and Stephen Fry chat for a Downing Street podcast Comedian and actor Stephen Fry joins Tony Blair for a wide-ranging conversation about multiculturalism, the use of technology in politics and Britain’s role in the global community.

PM hosts Global Cool reception

1 February 2007

Tony Blair with KT Tunstall and Josh Hartnett at the Global Cool reception. 1 February 2007 KT Tunstall, Perry Farrell and Josh Hartnett join Tony Blair at the launch of Global Cool - a new campaign to get one billion people to reduce their carbon emissions by one tonne a year.

Seb Coe updates Tony Blair on the 2012 Olympics

23 January 2007

Seb Coe and Tony Blair enjoy an Olympic conversation for a Downing Street podcast, 23 January 2007 Tony Blair and Chairman of London 2012, Sebastian Coe, promise that the Olympics in London will be the most environmentally friendly and sustainable yet.

PM talks Christmas with Chris Evans

19 December 2006

Chris Evans chatting to Tony Blair Chris Evans gets a glimpse of what life is like for a Prime Minister at Christmas, the rules and the difficulties of the job and how the PM copes with it all.

PM in conversation with Bill Bryson

30 November 2006

Tony Blair and Bill Bryson enjoy a chat in the Pillared Room of 10 Downing Street Tony Blair and Bill Bryson get together for a chat about two subjects they both care passionately for - science and education.

Question the PM - November episode

16 November 2006

Tony Blair is interviewed by Will Hutton and Anne McElvoy in the White Room of 10 Downing Street. 16 November 2006 Tony Blair answers questions from users of the Downing Street website,posed on your behalf by journalists Will Hutton and Anne McElvoy.

Interview with New Scientist magazine

2 November 2006

Prime Minister Tony Blair Tony Blair speaks of his passion for science in an interview with New Scientist magazine. Hear him reflect on a wide-range of subjects including MMR jabs, GM foods and climate change.

Eddie Izzard’s European podcast

17 June 2006

Eddie Izzard and the PM chat onboard the plane back to the UK Ever wondered what happens when Europe’s political leaders get together? Well Eddie Izzard did, so he set off for Brussels with Tony Blair to find out.

Question the PM - June episode

6 June 2006

Tony Blair interviewed for the Downing Street website 6 June 2006 Journalists Michael White and Sarah Sands put your questions to Tony Blair in a special interview for the Downing Street website.

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