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  • Re: Third sector strategy

    Government departments are bureacracies too huge, funding hard to access and civil servants inaccessible and remotely able to find and locate real time to communicate, watch and see to understand third sector situations, to serve, influence and relate with communities and third sectors on the ground outside departmental four walls and outside in ...
    Posted to Third Sector strategy (Forum) by Heaven meets earth on September 6, 2007
  • Re: Third sector strategy

    In reply to Nigel's comment, I would like to say that a recent Comprehensive Sprending Review released by HM Treasury on the future role of the third sector in social and economic regeneration outlines proposals for several new funding arrangements, some focused specifically on the core costs of smaller local VCS organisations. This report is ...
    Posted to Third Sector strategy (Forum) by Holly Manktelow on August 31, 2007