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DFID Senior Research Fellow, Professor Ron Skeldon

Meet the Research Fellows

We talk to Ron Skeldon, one of DFID's new Senior Research Fellows. He and the other fellows provide the scientific leadership for DFID's research priorities, trying to enhance the relevance of research and maximise its impact on development policy and practice.


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Welcome to R4D - A Portal to DFID Funded Research

R4D is a free access on-line database containing information about research programmes supported by DFID. R4D provides you with the latest information about research funded by DFID, including news, case studies and details of current and past research in over 20,000 project and document records.

Latest News

5th April 2010
Schoolgirls washing their hands (Credit: Overseas Development Institute) : Click to enlarge

Will water and sanitation services be able to withstand climate change?

WHO has just published a report from a study jointly funded with DFID on the resilience of water and sanitation services to climate changes expected by 2020 and 2030
 Climate Change and Environment, Health, Infrastructure, Sustainable Agriculture
 31 March 2010  
Part of the report cover image : Click to enlarge

DFID Research 2009-2010 showcases a year of progress

DFID publishes its first research report today on R4D, highlighting research achievements over the past twelve months.
 Capacity Building, Climate Change and Environment, Education, Growth, Health, Information and Communication, Infrastructure, Social and Political Change, Sustainable Agriculture
 30 March 2010  
NERC logo : Click to enlarge

Appointment Opportunities for NERC's Science and Innovation Strategy Board (SISB)

The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) is calling for nominations to its key advisory board, the Science and Innovation Strategy Board (SISB), to commence 1 September 2010 for a three-year period.
 Climate Change and Environment
 30 March 2010  

Why R4D?
In the past it was difficult to find out what research topics, projects, and programmes DFID was funding or had funded. Researchers all over the world (and even DFID staff) had to rely on a network of personal contacts or inspired detective work to discover who was already working in a particular area, what was already known, and what lessons had been learned. R4D responds to a demand expressed by many DFID stakeholders for better and open access to all this information. It is and will always be only one piece of the jigsaw, but it is a high-quality piece, as in order to have received DFID funding the research posted on R4D will have met strict criteria and quality standards in both formulation and execution.

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