Names and codes for Administrative Geography

Information on administrative geographies can be found in the downloads below, and in the Beginner's Guide section of the website.

Product Details

Names and codes files are in CSV format, with accompanying metadata in HTML format. CSV files can be read in MS Excel format and all common database applications, HTML files can be displayed in any internet browser.

Availability and Cost

Files can be downloaded free of charge from the Downloads section. Only the latest versions of files are available to download, but earlier versions may be available on request - please contact us.


Government Office Regions 4.9 Kb ZIP

Counties 4.6 Kb ZIP

Local Authority Districts (non-metropolitan districts, unitary authorities, London Boroughs and metropolitan districts) 7.2 Kb ZIP

Wards 70.7 Kb ZIP

Parishes 87.2 Kb ZIP


Unitary Authorities 9.2 Kb ZIP

Wards 15.7 Kb ZIP

Communities (Welsh equivalent of parishes) 43.2 Kb ZIP


Council Areas 5 Kb ZIP

Wards 21.2 Kb ZIP

Northern Ireland

District Council Areas 4.6 Kb ZIP

Wards 9.1 Kb ZIP