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Welcome to the Communities and Local Government 'have your say' pages.

This section contains a number of interactive tools to allow everyone with an interest in the Department's work to contribute their views on current policy and emerging issues. You can also register to receive email newsletters on a range of topics.

Guests are welcome to browse the 'have your say' pages without registering, but you will need to register and login to post comments. Some services may not be visible until you login.

We value your opinions and undertake to publish all comments, so long as they do not break the discussion rules outlined in our terms and conditions. Please ensure that you read the terms and conditions before posting a message. All comments you post on this site will be read by relevant policy officials, who will also take part in each debate.

Please note: That some topics will run for a specified time period and then close. Closed topics will remain available to read in our archive.

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In the future you will also be able to contribute to webchats and wikis.

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