National Criminal Justice Board (NCJB)

The National Criminal Justice Board is responsible for supporting local boards to bring more offences to justice and to improve public confidence.

It does this by:

  • Removing barriers to joint working, focusing in on particular concrete aspects of the CJS business process
  • Strategic direction of resources to secure achievement of objectives
    • Horizon scanning to identify longer term opportunities and threats
    • Learning and transferring the lessons from local areas and agencies which have successfully innovated and which offer lessons for the rest of the system

The National Criminal Justice Board also has specific responsibility for: 

  • Combating inequality and discrimination in the CJS
  • Communication across the CJS

The Board reports to the CJS Cabinet Committee on progress. The CJS Cabinet Committee retains overall responsibility for tracking delivery of the CJS PSA targets. The Board takes on other remits from the CJS Committee as the Committee decides.