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Official Publications

Command Papers

A list of Command Papers from 2001 onwards is available on this website. Command Papers are available in PDF on the Official Documents website.

Publishing Guidance

OPSI provides a wide range of guidance about Official Publications issues as part of a series of guidance notes designed to guide, alert and advise on a range of publishing, copyright and access matters.

Supply of Publications to MEPs

All Members of the European Parliament are eligible to receive a subsidy on official publications. More information is available on eligibility and how to claim.

Public Libraries’ Access Scheme

All local authority funded public libraries are eligible to receive a subsidy on official publications. The subsidy is given to facilitate public access to legislation, Parliamentary and Government materials.

Finding and Obtaining Publications

Information on how to find and obtain official publications from TSO and the United Kingdom Official Publications Database (UKOP) which catalogues all parliamentary and statutory publications (including Acts and Statutory Instruments), and the publications of over 2500 official bodies including central government departments, the devolved administrations, agencies, quangos and other bodies.