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Office of Public Sector Information

Unlocking the potential of public sector information

Operating from within the National Archives, the Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI) is at the heart of information policy, setting standards, delivering access and encouraging the re-use of public sector information. OPSI provides a wide range of services to the public, information industry, government and the wider public sector relating to finding, using, sharing and trading information.

Budget SIs

The full text of Budget SIs are now available on the website. They can be found at: Numbered SIs Draft SI

New licensing model for re-use of government information

The government has taken a major step toward a new approach to licensing the re-use of public sector information, with a new licence available on the website. This website, launched on 21 January 2010, provides a single access point to over 2,500 central government datasets that have been made available for free re-use. This follows the Governments commitment in Putting the Frontline First: Smarter Government and is key to supporting new information initiatives.

Working with teams from Creative Commons, we have put together a straightforward set of terms and conditions for the website, which mean that the data available on the site can be re-used both commercially and non-commercially. These terms and conditions are aligned with the Creative Commons approach to licensing, which allows the creator of information to communicate simply and clearly which rights they reserve, and which they waive for the benefit of people wishing to re-use that information. The existing Click-Use Licences, opened-up public sector information to everyone, and allowed re-users to develop information products based on that information. Over the coming months, we will continue to work on the new approach, to develop a new licensing model that will make public sector information even more accessible. For updates on this work go to the Perspectives blog.

Changes to licensing arrangements for Crown copyright information

Information previously regarded as value added and licensed under the Value Addded Click-Use Licence can now be re-used under the PSI CLick-Use Licence. For more information see:

PSI in Action: Transforming the Information Landscape

On 20/10/09, with APPSI and Cabinet Office, we supported the second PSI conference, which was organised in conjunction with Civil Service World. Events (and others such as workshops, working groups and forums, and reports like the UK Annual Report on PSI Re-use) are part of our wider agenda to raise awareness of contemporary and key issues. We plan these conferences as a forum where interested parties can discuss the issues and grasp the full context of what are the obstacles and highlight the successes. They are also a measure of just how far we have come in the past year.

Notes, presentations and an outline of the day can be found at:

Legislation Contract Tendering

See the contract information page for more details about the re-tendering process.

What is available on this website?

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Her Majesty’s Stationery Office

Her Majesty’s Stationery Office (HMSO) continues to exist and fulfill its core activities including responsibility for the publication of legislation and the management of Crown copyright operating from within OPSI. For more information on OPSI and HMSO please see the Related Pages menu.

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