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Handley Page Victor

A Victor pictured in the late 1950s in its all-over 'anti-flash' white paint scheme, which was intended to reflect heat after a nuclear explosion. (IWM neg ZZZ83260H)
From the mid-1950's until 1969 the Avro Vulcan, Handley Page Victor and the Vickers Valiant made up RAF Bomber Command's 'V' Bomber Force, Britain's airborne strategic nuclear deterrent.

The Victor was the last of the 'V' bombers to enter RAF service in 1958. Also equipped with the Blue Steel missile for part of its service, the Victor retained a nuclear capability until 1975.

A number of these aircraft including the example on display at Duxford, were converted into tankers for in-flight refuelling with the fuel tanks mounted in the bomb bay. The RAF's Victors continued in this role into the 1990s and served in the combat zone during the Gulf War.

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