Students’ Day

The Prime Minister’s Commission on the Future of Nursing and Midwifery recently held a Students’ Day to learn how people starting out as nurses and midwives viewed their future and how they hope to see it grow. The event was organised in conjunction with the Royal College of Nursing.

One Response to “Students’ Day”

  1. As a second year student nurse, studying advanced diploma in paediatric’s, I have very strong views on the programme and sylabus. I personally feel, as working along side with the degree students we, as adavnced diploma students are compared to these students and expected to have the same level of knowledge and expertese. Degree students have to have better grades than diploma students to be accepted into the university. Therefore, I think they should have a different programme to us and higher standards should be set. I also feel that the course is not as clinical as it should be and to only have six placements across the three years of studying, some of which are within the community and decide what you want to do as your career at the end I feel is quite a hard decision to make. I think that the course is too academic and not enough “hands on” like it used to be 10-20years ago. As a positive to this, I think that professionals mentoring students put a lot of trust into student nurses and give them time, space, support and knowedge to perform tasks and skills in different evironments.
    As far as funding is concerned, I think that it is unfair that advanced diploma students get a bursary and degree students don’t! I think we should all be treated the same if the programmes are similar.

    Thank you for reading my thoughts