Visiting Great Yarmouth nurses

Ann Keen MP

Ann Keen MP, Commission Chair, writes:

On Thursday 4 August I had the pleasure of speaking to nurses working out of Northgate Hospital in Great Yarmouth. They showed me the great work they are doing in a range of areas, including sexual health, breastfeeding clinics and admission prevention.

I was deeply impressed by the innovation and commitment to improving services that they showed. What particularly struck me was how these nurses had been able to take control of services that they deliver and take them to the next level. This not only benefitted patients, but also the nurses themselves in the improved job satisfaction that they gained.

These initiatives are directly linked to the culture created locally by managers who were brave enough to give the nurses the support they needed to allow the free-thinking and managed risk-taking required to nurture innovation.

The feedback and suggestions I received on the future of nursing and midwifery were greatly appreciated. These were fed into the information-gathering stage of the Commission’s work. So, a big thank you to Amanda Cousins and her team for their work and hospitality!

One Response to “Visiting Great Yarmouth nurses”

  1. It’s about time someone realised the nursing profession has a valuable role to play in the health service and has the foresight to involve thenm in the decision making and management of the NHS. Nurses are at the forefront of patient treatment and care and see the dy to day running of wards, not just in Maternity but in all clinical areas. They should have more management and Government support for new innovatiotive practices in patient care AND they should be funded for their own professional development instaed of having to fund it themselves.

    It is an opportunity for someone in government to commit themselves fully to a health service that can grow and develop and the nurses would be the backbone of this structure. Give them more credit for their professionalism and , more autonomy- you’ll be pleasntly surprised. You may even be able to get rid of the overpaid useless managers that are currently at the core of the malaise in the NHS!!