Prime Minister hosts round-table discussion

Prime Minister Gordon Brown, supported by Secretary of State for Health Andy Burnham and Under Secretary of State for Health Services and Commission Chair Ann Keen, has hosted a round-table discussion with a group of about 30 nurses and midwives.

The Prime Minister was keen to hear from nurses and midwives about their views on what the future holds for them in their professions.

Coming from a variety of fields of practice and specialities, and working in a range of care settings, the midwives and nurses shared their views about the challenges and opportunities that the future holds. They also shared innovations and improvements that they had been involved with in their practice.

A number of students were also involved in the discussion.

The Prime Minister said in greeting the delegates: “I know that nurses are the heart of the Health Service. I know that we depend upon our nursing professions for the advances that we are making healthcare, and I know that this commission is our affirmation of faith in the future of nursing and how nursing can transform the Health Service in the years ahead.”