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Modern company law for a competitive economy: developing the framework.

URN No: 00/656

Developing the Framework   URN 00/656

A Consultation Document from the Company Law Review Steering Group - March 2000

Chapter 1 - Glossary of Abbreviations, Executive Summary, Introduction and Background

Developing the framework: contents, glossary, summary & chapter 1

Chapter 2 - Corporate Governance: Introduction, Background and Overview 

Chapter 3 - Corporate Governance: Directors and Officers

Developing the framework: chapters 2-3

Chapter 4 - Corporate Governance: Shares and Shareholders

Chapter 5 - Corporate Governance: Reporting and Accounting

Developing the framework: chapters 4-5

Chapter 6 - Small and Private Companies: Introduction and Background

Chapter 7 - Small and Private Companies: Proposed Simplifications for the Private Company

Developing the framework: chapters 6-7

Chapter 8 - Small and Private Companies: Accounting, Reporting and Audit

Chapter 9 - Alternative Vehicles and Access to Limited Liability

Developing the framework: chapters 8-9

Chapter 10 - Other Issues Addressed in the Second Phase of the Review

Chapter 11 - Review Research and Information Collection Programme - Progress Report

Chapter 12 - The Way Forward: The Third Phase

Developing the framework: chapters 10-12

Chapter 13 - Consultation Questions

Developing the framework: chapter 13 - consultation questions

Annexes - Annex A (Membership of CLR Groups and Others Assisting or Participating in the Review), AnnexB (Draft Statement of Directors' Duties from Law Commissions' Report "Company Directors: Regulating Conflicts of Interest and Formulating a Statement of Duties), Annex C (Proposed Changes to Part X of the Act), Annex D (Outline of Suggested Model Constitution for Private Companies), Annex E (Proposed Form of Small Company Accounts) and Annex F (Outline of Proposed Independent Professional Review)

Developing the framework: annexes A-F