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Guide to Segmentation

An introduction to segmentation is available here as a downloadable PDF and PowerPoint (in 5 parts below). The guide describes how to segment and how to use the results of segmentation. It gives a suggested approach that should be flexible enough to work across a range of needs, circumstances and budgets. It can be used by anyone in public services who has to deal with different customer groups and meet their varying needs.

A supporting toolkit with extra tools, pro formas and checklists is also available below. 

PDF (1.2MB)
Powerpoint (2MB)

The basics of segmentation
Powerpoint (3MB)

How to do it
PDF (2.8MB)
Powerpoint (5.7MB)

Case studies
PDF (2.1MB)
Powerpoint (6MB)

PDF (0.2MB)
Powerpoint (0.2MB)

Powerpoint (2.3MB)