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Coastal change pathfinders

There are 15 coastal change pathfinder authorities who will explore new ways of adapting to coastal change.

Latest update

01 December 2009 - The 15 successful coastal change pathfinder authorities were announced today.  Their programme of work exploring new approaches to planning for, and managing, adaptation to coastal change in partnership with their communities will run until spring 2011.

The pathfinders

Sefton Borough Council will receive £337,000 for a community outreach project to provide education on the changing coastline at Formby Point.  Adaptation planning and a boardwalk project will explore how a community can have continued enjoyment of a changing natural environment.

Scarborough Borough Council will receive £1,022,500 to develop and deliver an adaptation plan for the community at Knipe Point, including by purchasing land for rebuild of properties at risk of loss to coastal change.

East Riding District Council will receive £1,205,609 to provide practical guidance and support to help communities through the transition associated with coastal change.  This will include piloting a buy to let approach to support adaptation in vulnerable communities and developing the council’s existing roll back policy. 

Lincolnshire County Council will receive £810,000 for a range of measures including helping to educate coastal communities about coastal change; undertaking work on evacuation planning; and promoting uptake of innovative resilience measures for existing properties.

North Norfolk District Council will receive £3,000,000 for a wide-ranging programme of work to support the continued vitality of its coastal communities at risk. This will include engagement with communities, advice to businesses, capital works on key community infrastructure and supporting relocation of homes and businesses at risk.

Waveney District Council will receive £1,534,555 to undertake in-depth adaptation planning with communities at Corton Village and Easton Bavents.  Alongside this, a comprehensive beach strategy will explore and deliver practical solutions to the impacts of coastal change on access and amenity at local beaches.   

Great Yarmouth Borough Council will receive £296,500 for a joint project with the community of Scratby to explore and test different approaches to adaptation such as roll-back and business support programmes.

Tendring District Council will receive £1,000,000 to produce a coastal strategy that considers adaptation alongside regeneration in the area.  Adaptation actions will also be delivered e.g. helping remove derelict properties in coastal change risk areas.   

Hastings Borough Council will receive £115,625 to work with the local fishing fleet to understand the impacts of historic and current coastal change (specifically the build up of shingle) and explore options for future adaptation.

East Sussex County Council will receive £249,997 for a detailed community engagement project and associated research, to explore adaptation options for the Cuckmere Estuary.

Chichester Borough Council will receive £450,000 for a community partnered project for Selsey.  This will include a ‘coastal literacy programme’ to help communities participate in discussions on adaptation, as well as work to plan for and manage adaptation e.g. restoring sea access ramps damaged by coastal change.

Hampshire County Council will receive £254,000 to develop a coastal adaptation plan for Lepe Country Park and deliver practical adaptation solutions, such as maintaining access to beaches used before the D-Day landings.  ‘Planning for real’ and other activities will be used to involve and inform the local community and visitors.

Dorset County Council will receive £376,500 to work with a number of communities on the Dorset/East Devon “Jurassic coast”.  The project will include using a range of visualisation and engagement techniques to help people understand what coastal change could mean and explore different options for adaptation.

South Hams District Council will receive £38,000 to extend the Slapton Line Partnership’s existing work on coastal change adaptation.  The additional funding will support work with local schools, a project capturing the history of coastal change in the area, and the development of online learning resources.

Somerset County Council will receive £235,000 to develop tools and scenarios for communicating with communities about coastal change, and to support business adaptation planning.

Page last modified: 11 February 2010
Page published: 23 November 2009

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