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Welcome to the shared services website provided by the Cabinet Office Shared Services Team.

The website is aimed at organisations across the UK public sector who are currently involved in sharing services, either as customers or providers, or considering it as part of their future strategy.

Shared services can deliver efficiencies and improve both effectiveness and the employee or customer experience by standardising, simplifying and consolidating service provision. They can also provide opportunities for investment, e.g. in new systems, which would not otherwise be affordable.

Shared services often begin with corporate services, e.g., IT, HR, Finance; however, possibilities exist across all operational support and front line services.

There are clear benefits that can be gained from sharing services across the UK public sector as highlighted by reports such as Gershon and Varney. Experience from the private sector shows that typically corporate shared services can deliver efficiencies of between 20% and 50%. Where central government departments have established corporate shared services, e.g., DWP, HMRC, DfT, DEFRA, HMPS these have delivered significant benefits.

Public bodies should regularly review their corporate services to ensure that they are delivered in the most cost effective way as recommended in the National Audit Office report Improving Corporate Functions Using Shared Services published in November 2007. HMRC and DWP have been identified as central government providers of shared services and both Cabinet Office and DCSF have initiated projects to migrate to DWP Shared Services.

A shared services toolkit to assist organisations with their journey to shared services has recently been produced and you can access this by clicking Toolkit for migration in Shared Services on the left hand side of this page.

Guidance for central government customers and providers of shared services covering subjects such as governance, delivery models, software licences and upfront investment can be accessed by clicking on Guidance for Customers and Providers on the left had side of this page.

I hope that you find this website useful. The team would welcome feedback and suggestions for improvements. You can contact us by email at

Jo Clift
Head of Shared Services