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Weather Station Construction

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Author: Alan Rodgers, TRE Moderator (18 Mar 05)

At a Glance
Age RangeSecondarySecondary
 Key Stage 3Key Stage 3
 Key Stage 2Key Stage 2
 Key Stage 1Key Stage 1
 Year 7Year 7
 Year 6Year 6
 Year 5Year 5
 Year 4Year 4
 Year 3Year 3
ScopeIndividual teacherIndividual teacher
Resource TypeClass TeachingClass Teaching
Development StageDeveloping IdeaDeveloping Idea

DescriptionThese are instructions for building an economical weather station for the minimum instruments it should contain. There is room for a maximum and minimum thermometer and a humidity meter. Alternatively it may be possible to use the weather station to house a combined digital max/min thermometer and humidly meter.

Also included are the details of how to set up the weather station and other supporting instruments.

Below are the links to other weather resources on the Teacher Resource Exchange.

The design is intended to need minimum sawing and to be very simple to put together. It is also very economic on materials. Feel free to improve on the design, it is only intended as a useful starting point. NB. THESE PLANS HAVE BEEN UPDATED.

For a larger version see - Weather Station Construction - larger version - linked below.
ObjectiveTo make it possible to collect useful weather data which can be used in many contexts.
To motivate children to take an interest in weather data collection by raising the profile of the activity with interesting apparatus.
To encourage the use of scientific apparatus and implementation of 'fair test' conditions.
AssessmentAre the readings proving meaningful?
Has the weather station stopped the effects of direct sunlight and wind strength?
Is the weather station generally rain proof?
Are the children well motivated to collect weather data?
Prior KnowledgeThe educational applications of weather data collection.
The shortcomings of weather instruments hung on walls and in direct sunlight.
ExpectationsThat the data collected will be more suitable for comparison to other amateur and professional data.
That the prestige of being allowed to use the weather station will maintain interest in weather data collection.
HintsStart the activity by taking part in an exchange of data with another school or a project. This means that a short term activity may kick start more regular data collection.
MaterialsMS Word Building a Weather Station - How to build a small weather station from one piece of wood. This is intended principally for teachers.

Progressive JPEG Image - showing construction - Sides, roof and base now fitted.

Progressive JPEG Plans 1 - Views of the weather station construction. Plans not to scale.

Progressive JPEG Plans 2 - Diagram of finished weather station and the cutting diagram. Drawings not to scale.

Website TRE - Accurate Weather Data Collection - Many resources including guidance notes on collecting weather data.

Website Weather for Schools - Lots of information of setting up a weather station and collecting data.

Website TRE - Weather Study: Beaufort Wind Scale - This activity aims to help children learn about how the wind is often reported in terms of the Beaufort Wind Scale.

Website TRE - Measuring the Weather with digital apparatus - This activity uses ICT for measuring environmental weather conditions. Aims to collect accurate weather data and enter it into a spreadsheet.

Website TRE - Where is the wettest part of the playground? - Encourages children to collect accurate rainfall data and consider factors which may affect accuracy.

Website TRE - Identifying cloud shapes - Encourages children to look closely at the clouds.

Website TRE - Cloud identification by height - Encourages children to sort clouds by their height above the ground.

Website TRE - Wind Rose Recording - Encourages children to keep data records on a simple weather phenomenon - wind.

Website TRE - Weather Forecast - Be a weather forecaster for the day and present the latest weather information to the class.

Website TRE - Weather and ICT - Scheme of work on weather aimed at Y6

Website TRE - Weather Chart - A chart which the pupils can use to record the weather every day for a week.

Progressive JPEG Image - Inside - The inside of the finished box. This shows the two main instruments which it is intended to contain.

Progressive JPEG Image - box on post - Shows the weather station how it would look when mounted on a post. The location would ideally have more clear space around it.

Progressive JPEG image - parts - The parts ready cut out.

Website TRE - Weather Station Construction - larger version - This larger version can be used to house more instruments.

Website Weather Station Construction - Small/Digital - An alternative version of the Weather Station.

Website Simple Weather Station Construction - Find out how to make a small plastic weather station from easy to buy materials. No need to paint this one!

Website Plastic Weather Station Construction - Another type of design which needs no painting and is easy to make.



Alan Rodgers, TRE Moderator
(28 Dec 05)
TRE comment Links checked - These links worked on the 27.2.08.

By Author
MS WordBuilding a Weather Station (26 kb)
Progressive JPEGImage - showing construction (259 kb)
Progressive JPEGPlans 1 (171 kb)
Progressive JPEGPlans 2 (212 kb)
WebsiteTRE - Accurate Weather Data Collection
WebsiteWeather for Schools
WebsiteTRE - Weather Study: Beaufort Wind Scale
WebsiteTRE - Measuring the Weather with digital apparatus
WebsiteTRE - Where is the wettest part of the playground?
WebsiteTRE - Identifying cloud shapes
WebsiteTRE - Cloud identification by height
WebsiteTRE - Wind Rose Recording
WebsiteTRE - Weather Forecast
WebsiteTRE - Weather and ICT
WebsiteTRE - Weather Chart
Progressive JPEGImage - Inside (259 kb)
Progressive JPEGImage - box on post (313 kb)
Progressive JPEGimage - parts (317 kb)
WebsiteTRE - Weather Station Construction - larger version
WebsiteWeather Station Construction - Small/Digital
WebsiteSimple Weather Station Construction
WebsitePlastic Weather Station Construction
Download all (zip)

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