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The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) examines and investigates all types of marine accidents to or on board UK ships worldwide, and other ships in UK territorial waters.

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MAIB Investigation Report

Wellservicer Published 20 January 2010

Key issues:

  • Ship's rigger fatally injured while working on a modification to the vessel's diving bell recovery system
  • Numerous safety management tools failed to recognise that the work was being conducted under a suspended load
  • Following a thorough investigation, the operating company has implemented comprehensive actions to prevent a recurrence of such an accident. Consequently, no further recommendations are made as a result of MAIB's investigation
  • MAIB flyer to the offshore support industry produced as a result of this accident

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MAIB Investigation Report

TS Royalist Published 11 December 2009

Key issues:

  • Vessel grounded with 23 sea cadets on board
  • Deficient cockpit manning and navigational practices
  • MAIB flyer to the Sail Training Industry produced as a result of this accident

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How to report an accident
By law accidents, including major injuries, must be reported to the MAIB by the quickest possible means. This is so they can be investigated immediately before vital evidence decays, is removed or is lost.

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