Air traffic management

The Government's primary objective for the National Air Traffic Services (NATS) is to establish a partnership between the public and private sectors to provide the UK with the world's best air traffic services in terms of safety, efficiency and capacity to meet increasing demand.

Lower Airspace Radar Services (LARS) was originally established in the 1970s to improve the efficiency of air traffic control services provided to aircraft in the vicinity of airfields not protected by controlled airspace. Its primary objective is to aid the flow of air traffic arriving at, and departing from, these airfields by encouraging aircraft transiting the area to receive an air traffic service (ATS).

Single European Sky

Single European Sky Draft Regulation laying down a Common Charging Scheme for Air Navigation Services (April 2004).

Air Traffic Management Equipment

Information on changes to the arrangements for the certification of Air Traffic Management equipment after 20 October 2005.

09 September 2005

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