Aviation Environment Programme Board

The Aviation Environment Programme Board was set up in April 2009 by the DfT to monitor ongoing key environmental projects, including the environmental provisions announced as part of the Heathrow announcement. The projects will feed into proposed legislative reform of the Civil Aviation Authority, which will be consulted upon later this year.

The Board will meet to discuss the progress of key environmental projects, the allocation of resources to deliver the projects, and to provide an opportunity for senior level engagement between DfT and key stakeholders. The meetings will also provide an opportunity for issues, concerns and risks to be identified and addressed.

Terms of reference

  • To monitor progress on key environmental projects as listed in the appendix
  • To advise on the scope, nature and interdependencies of the work to be done
  • To ensure that resources are allocated to ensure priorities are delivered
  • To provide an opportunity for senior level engagement between DfT and other key public sector stakeholders
  • To provide an opportunity for resolving any disagreements or deciding on difficult issues which emerge in the course of work on the individual projects
  • To ensure risks to delivery are properly identified and addressed
  • To make and escalate decisions in order to progress projects and milestones, where this is required
  • To advise on communications and stakeholder engagement options.

Appendix – projects covered by Aviation Environment Programme Board

The Board will cover projects deemed to be of a strategic importance, not part of the routine work of the Department. 

1. Ensuring compliance with noise limit at expanded Heathrow airport

2. Ensuring compliance with air quality limit at expanded Heathrow airport

3. Consideration of green slots regime for Heathrow airport

4. Inclusion of aviation in the EU emissions trading scheme

5. Development of an international fuel efficiency standard for aircraft

6. Publication of a UK aviation biofuels strategy

7. Preparing for delivery of Climate Change Committee (CCC) project on delivering the target for CO2 emissions from UK aviation in 2050 to be reduced to 2005 levels

8. Aviation’s inclusion in any global deal through International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) or United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC)

9. Establishment of the Civil Aviation Authority’s environmental duty

10. Consultation on the night flights regime at London airports

11. Development and promotion of a strong narrative on aviation and the environment

12. The Board will not lead on compliance with air quality limits at Heathrow in advance of airport expansion but may need to take a policy interest in relevant issues.

Aviation environment programme board

Minutes of meetings held by the Aviation environment programme board

12 November 2009