The White Paper, The Future of Air Transport , published on 16 December 2003, sets out a strategic framework for the development of airport capacity in the United Kingdom over the next 30 years, against the wider context of the air transport sector.

Competition Commission's Market Investigation into the airport services provided by BAA (3 Mb)

DfT response to the Competition Commission's Market Investigation into the airport services provided by BAA.

29 September 2008

Reforming the framework for the economic regulation of airports

The Department for Transport is conducting a review into the economic regulation of the UK airport system. The review is supported by an advisory panel chaired by Professor Martin Cave from Warwick Business School.

Framework for evaluation of the 2003 Air Transport White Paper policies

Evaluation framework providing a useful guide to future evaluators for conducting high level evaluations of the achievement of the Air Transport White Paper (ATWP) policies and the impact of the Air Transport White Paper on airport development as a whole; and proposals for assessing the impacts of specific Air Transport White Paper policies.

Assessing The Future of Air Transport White Paper as a strategic framework for sustainable airport development

A report summarising findings from research on The Future of Air Transport White Paper (2003). This qualitative study aimed to understand stakeholder perceptions of the strategic framework that the White Paper provided for airport development. It also investigated what influence airport master plans have had on airport development processes. The research was carried out by Ipsos MORI and the Institute for Transport Studies (ITS).

01 February 2010

Improving the Air Passenger Experience – An analysis of end-to-end journeys with a focus on Heathrow (2 Mb)

This information pack lays out some of the quantitative and qualitative data currently collected by Department for Transport (DfT) and our strategic partners to give a picture of what the end-to-end journey experience looks like for passengers using Heathrow, the UK’s largest airport.

21 November 2007

Decision Letters

Application for an order under section 46 of the Civil Aviation Act 1982, 30 May 1997.

The Airports Slot Allocation Regulations 2006

The Airports Slot Allocation Regulations 2006 replace the 1993 Regulations of the same name to implement changes to EU Slots law. Sanctions are introduced for the repeated and intentional misuse of airport slots.

Airport charges - an introduction

The European Commission published a draft Directive on Airport Charges on 24 January 2007. The draft Directive proposes to set common principles to be respected by airport operators when they determine the charges to airlines for the use of airport services.

Alternative allocation mechanisms for slots created by new airport capacity (1 Mb)

DotEcon study on alternative mechanisms for allocating new runway capacity at airports. The report contributes to the debate about future efficient use of airport infrastructure but does not represent Government policy.

17 October 2006

UK Response to European Commission's Slot Allocation Consultation

The UK's response to the EC's consultation on Slot Allocation providing an overview of the UK's position on the market mechanisms discussed in the Commission's paper and answering the specific questions posed by the Commission.

06 December 2004
Last update:
28 December 2005

Working Group on the training of aircraft maintenance engineers (191 kb)

Report of the working group on the training of aircraft maintenance engineers. It examines the structure of the workforce and the training arrangements and assesses the steps being taken to address present and future shortages of maintenance engineers.

21 September 2004
Last update:
28 December 2005

UK air freight study report

Report describing the current state of the air freight industry in the UK.

12 December 2000

Valuing the external costs of aviation

Paper reviewing aspects of aviation and the implications of aviation meeting these external costs.

28 December 2005

Regional air services - Government response to Select Committee report

Report from Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Committee.

28 December 2005

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