About the Transport Security and Contingencies team

The Transport Security team is responsible for ensuring the security of the travelling public and people employed in the transport sector. This section provides details on the kind of work the team is involved in, together with answers to commonly asked questions and contact details for key personnel.

TRANSEC: Transport Security

An explanation of what the Transport Security team is responsible for, the areas in which they work and the groups they work most closely with.

05 January 2006

Transport Security and Contingencies team: frequently asked questions

Answers to transport security questions including listed agents, security courses, air cargo security trainer and general travel safety.

05 January 2006

TRANSEC Compliance Framework

A statement of TRANSEC's approach to its compliance monitoring activities, including a description of the 'stepped approach' that it adopts.

29 January 2007

TRANSEC Annual reports

List of Transport Security and Contingencies Directorate (TRANSEC) annual reports from 2003.

Email contacts

Email addresses for contacting the Transport Security and Contingencies team (TRANSEC).

28 October 2005