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Annotating Google Earth

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Author: Alan Rodgers, TRE Moderator (24 May 09)

At a Glance
Age RangeYear 5Year 5
 Year 6Year 6
 Key Stage 2Key Stage 2
ScopeIndividual teacherIndividual teacher
Resource TypeClass TeachingClass Teaching
 Interactive WhiteboardInteractive Whiteboard
Development StageDeveloping IdeaDeveloping Idea

DescriptionThis activity uses the various features of Google Earth to annotate a locality. A guide describes how to use Paths, placemarks, the ruler and how to save files.

An example of a route with placemarks is included.
ObjectiveTo use aerial photographs to support a locality study.
To use ICT skills to present information.
Prior KnowledgeThe children will need to be able to identify features on an aerial photograph. This skill will be further developed by this activity.
ExpectationsThat the children will be able to make observations about a route in their local area.
HintsA link to a supporting article in an ictopus Sharing Good Practice will be included soon.
Materials003001 * - Guidance Notes - Detailed notes on how to complete a project to create an annotated path on Google Earth.

Website Using Google Earth - This TRE resource includes sets of placemarks related to a variety of geography topics.

Website Aerial Photographs with Google Earth - Use a set of photgraphs taken for a hot air balloon alongside a Google Earth file.

003001 * - Annotated Google Earth File - This file demonstrates how paths and placemarks (with images) can be added to Google Earth. Open Google Earth then use 'file' and 'open'.

Website Lighthouses - For more hints on getting the most out of Google Earth see this resource.



Alan Rodgers, TRE Moderator
(24 May 09)
TRE comment Ictopus Sharing Good Practice article - More details can be found in ictopus Sharing Good Practice 74. This article relates to a local studies topic.

Website ictopus - Free resources - just register for free.

Dan Bunker, Tre Moderator
(3 Jun 09)
TRE comment Moderator Comment - The guidance notes are a clear step by step guide in producing an annotated route using various Google Earth tools. Creating paths, adding placemarks and photographs are all covered along with how to save and access the project. Once mastered, these skills could be usefully applied to wide variety of cross-curricular projects.

By Author
003001 * - Guidance Notes (101 kb)
WebsiteUsing Google Earth
WebsiteAerial Photographs with Google Earth
003001 * - Annotated Google Earth File (233 kb)
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