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The National Traffic Control Centre collects real-time information on road conditions.

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How We Manage Our Roads

In this section you can find out more about how we manage and maintain these roads and plan for the future

The Project Control Framework

On 1st April 2008 we launched the Project Control Framework. The Framework sets out how we, together with the Department for Transport, manage and deliver major improvement projects.

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Area 10

Area 10 is one of 13 (formerly 14) Highways Agency areas in England comprising some 500km of motorway and trunk road carriageway and over 2500 structures throughout Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Merseyside and the southern parts of Lancashire.

The Area 10 network carries the highest volumes of traffic outside London and comprises several strategic routes, such as the north-south M6, the M60 Manchester Outer Ring Road and the east-west M56 and M62, both of which form part of the Trans European network.
The day-to-day management and maintenance of this large and complex network is carried out on the Agency's behalf by our Managing Agent Contractor (MAC) Aone+.

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