Europe, International and better regulation

The Department for Transport is involved in a wide range of EU and International work covering issues from transport safety and security through to emissions from international transport.

This work is crucial to deliver the Department's domestic objectives - we cannot deliver objectives including supporting national economic competitiveness and growth, reducing transport's emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases and better safety, security and health without effective international engagement.

As a lot of the Department's domestic regulations begin in the EU there is also a link to the Better Regulation agenda. The Department for Transport is committed to ensuring that we regulate only where absolutely necessary, our regulations and the ways we enforce them are fair and effective, and any burdens from regulation are kept to a minimum. So it is important we engage early and effectively in the EU to ensure the best outcome for the UK.

European Union

Details of the department's EU work including current dossiers and TEN-T (Trans-European Network – Transport) as well as information on the EU Presidency, Transport Council and the European Parliament.


Details of the department's International work including the International Transport Forum.

Simplification and Better Regulation

The Department's Simplification and Better Regulation pages including the simplification plan and impact assessments.

Calendar of Events

Key events for the Department's EU and International work are shown on the calendar of events.