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Frequently Asked Questions

What work is due to be carried out?

The new motorway service area will require highway access from both the clockwise and anti clockwise carriageway.  This means that new slip roads will have to be built for full access, and will include a tunnel under the current M25 carriageway.

How will the works affect my journey?

To build the tunnel and sliproads, changes to the current carriageway will be needed.  However, the requirements are that during daytime hours there will always be 4 lanes available in each direction, it is expected that there will be a reduced speed limit, for safety reasons, of 50 mph.  Traffic Officers will continue to have a presence within the area, to speed up recovery of any incidents.

Exactly, where is the new Motorway Service Area (MSA)?

The MSA will be accessed between J9 & J10 of the M25, some 3.5 km's south east of J10 in Surrey.  It will be accessible from both sides of the carriageway, and will be situated on the south-side of the carriageway.

Why is the Motorway Service Area needed?

Government policy recommends that service area's should be provided every 30 mins or so on main carriageways.  The Secretary of State decided that there was a clear and compelling safety case for further motorway service area provision to serve traffic on the western section of the M25.

How much will the new road cost?

The current range estimate for the roadworks scheme is £30-£35 million.

How are the works financed?

The works are financed under a section 278 agreement of the Highways Act 1980.  This means the works are privately funded by the motorway service area Developer, with stringent controls in place to ensure funds are available and the road build meets HA standards.

How long will the road construction work take?

Construction is currently expected to start late summer 2010, for a 20 month period.  The services are planned to be operational from Easter 2012.

What disruption do you think the works will cause?

During daytime hours, the carriageway will continue to consist of 4 lanes in each direction (plus a hard shoulder).  However because of the localised reduction in lane widths to create working space and the closeness to the workforce a speed restriction to 50mph is required.  The short length of such a restriction will have minimal affect on journey time reliability.

How will you minimise congestion during the work on the very busy part of the M25?

To minimise traffic delay, there will always be 4 lanes available to road users during daytime hours.

Will there be speed limit changes and why?

There will be speed limits to protect the workforce and ensure safety of road users.  It is expected that there will be a 50mph limit throughout the roadworks.

This project has been planned for a long time. With current economic climate, how can we ensure the scheme will not be compromised in any way?

This is a privately funded scheme paid for by the Developer, it is a Section 278 agreement under the Highways Act 1980.  This means that all necessary precautions have been put in place to ensure the Developer can fund the project whilst protecting the public purse.

When will construction start?

The current timetable expects the works to start late summer 2010.

When will construction finish?

Current plans expect constructions works to be complete by May 2012.

This is a very busy part of the M25, what hours will restrictions be in place?

All efforts will be made to reduce impacts on road users.  Therefore 4 lanes will continue to operate, with speed restrictions, during daytime hours.  Lane closures will only be permitted, and if they meet certain criteria, outside of daytime periods.  Daytime periods are;

Mon - Thurs  0530-2200
Fri   0530-2300
Sat   0600-2200
Sun   0600-2230