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Draft Legislative Programme 2008/09 Print Page

On 14 May 2008 the Government published the Draft Legislative Programme 2008-09. A public consultation on the programme concluded on 6 August 2008. Thank you to everyone who took part in the public consultation either by completing the consultation questionnaire, commenting on an individual bill or suggesting new bills. The Government will now be considering the responses recieved during the consultation and will publish a summary of responses in the Autumn, ahead of the Queen's Speech, which will take place on 3 December 2008. From the links below you can still find information about what was contained in the Draft Legislative Programme 2008-09 

Download the Draft Legislative Programme (pdf) and a correction paper Cm7411.

The proposed 18 bills and other non-legislative actions are organised into 4 themes that reflect the direction of the Government. These are:

  • Economics

    Economic Stability

    The Government's first priority is to ensure that our economy and our people weather tough times, and are well prepared for future opportunities and challenges  Find out more

  • Opportunities

    Making the most of your potential

    By increasing investment in education, skills and work support to ensure that the benefits of economic growth are available to all, not just some, and build on the Government's support for familiesFind out more

  • Personalisation

    Personalisation and Improvement of Public Services

    The Government will continue to invest in better services, but also make changes to put the user, in control of the services they receive, and how and when they get them
    Find out more

  • Givingpowerback

    Handing Power Back to the People

    The Government will give people and local communities more voice in how their neighbourhoods, towns and cities are run Find out more

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