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Comparing temperatures in different locations

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Author: Alan Rodgers, TRE Moderator (27 Sep 05)

At a Glance
 Information and Communication TechnologyInformation and Communication Technology
Age RangeYear 5Year 5
 Year 6Year 6
 Key Stage 2Key Stage 2
ScopeIndividual teacherIndividual teacher
Resource TypeClass TeachingClass Teaching
Development StageDeveloping IdeaDeveloping Idea

DescriptionThis activity concerns the comparison between digital thermometers lodged on a sorth-facing wall, a north-facing wall and one placed in a greenhouse. Readings were taken at 10.00 at BST in the month of June 2005.

It is hoped that this material will act as an introduction to fieldwork carried out by the children themselves.
ObjectiveTo help in investigating different temperatures profiles within a small area
To know that digital thermometers can take very accurate recordings and remember extremes, max. and min..
AssessmentCan the children appreciate that temperatures even within a small area can be significantly different?
Are the children able to notice that during the course of a month the temperatures vary?
Do the children acknowledge that the greenhouse is not always the warmest place during the night?
Do the children do on to collect similar data themselves?
Prior KnowledgeTo know that by placing data into a spreadsheet program a numbers of functions can be quickly explored such as averages maximums and minimums.
HintsThermometers are best protected from the sun by a small weather station. They should not be exposed to direct sunlight.
MaterialsMS Word Lesson Plan - Details of how to get the most from this project.

MS Excel Excel file with data - Example file, with data from three locations entered and graphed.

MS Excel Empty Excel file - Adapt this file for use with data collected by the children.

Website Make a simple weather station - Use these instructions to make a simple weather station (or three). There are also instructions for other sizes.

Progressive JPEG Small easy to constuct weather station - Instructions on how to make this weather station can be found on the TRE.

Website Weather for Schools - For more information on collecting weather data this webiste is written for chidlren.



Carl Sherlock, TRE Moderator
(25 Oct 05)
TRE comment Weather data - A good starter activity for data collection, aimed at the top of K.S.2. Excel work is challenging but achievable by older children, and this covers obvious areas within data handling of the numeracy strategy. Some useful links to further resources found in the lesson plans.
Alan Rodgers, TRE Moderator
(28 Apr 06)
TRE comment Link checked - The link worked on the 27.2.08.

By Author
MS WordLesson Plan (37 kb)
MS ExcelExcel file with data (20 kb)
MS ExcelEmpty Excel file (20 kb)
WebsiteMake a simple weather station
Progressive JPEGSmall easy to constuct weather station (6 kb)
WebsiteWeather for Schools
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