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M25 MSA New Barn Farm Cobham

M25 MSA New Barn Farm Cobham

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The Project

A new Motorway Service Area (MSA) is being built on the M25 at Cobham.  The MSA will be accessed between J9 & J10 of the M25, some 3.5 km's south east of J10 in Surrey.  It will be accessible from both sides of the carriageway, and will be situated on the south-side of the carriageway.

The Secretary of State gave permission to Swayfields (the Developer) to build a new service area at Cobham in 2005, based on Government policy that recommends that service area's should be provided every 30 mins or so on main carriageways. 

The Secretary of State decided that there was a clear and compelling safety case for further motorway service area provision to serve traffic on the western section of the M25.  This was on the basis of the amount of through traffic using the motorway as part of longer journeys, and the need for long distance travellers to have the opportunity to stop every half hour or so. 

The MSA will deliver the Governments policy for the western stretch of the M25 offering rest and food for travellers.

To complete the scheme, link roads will need to be built from both sides of the carriageway, and an underbridge will also be constructed under the M25.  The eastbound traffic will travel on the link roads, around a loop road and under the M25.  Westbound traffic will have more direct access and will not be required to travel under the M25 as the services are to the south of the main carriageway.

Roadworks will be required to complete construction, however to ensure journey time impacts are kept to a minimum there will always be a requirement that during daytime hours there will be 4 lanes available for traffic.  It is expected that there will be a reduced speed limit, for safety reasons, of 50 mph in each direction.

Current timescales propose that the tender will be awarded in July 2010, construction works will commence late summer 2010, with planned completion by Easter 2012.