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Author: Alan Rodgers, TRE Moderator (23 Sep 09)

At a Glance
SubjectInformation and Communication TechnologyInformation and Communication Technology
Age RangePrimaryPrimary
 Key Stage 2Key Stage 2
 Year 6Year 6
 Year 5Year 5
 Year 4Year 4
 Year 3Year 3
ScopeIndividual teacherIndividual teacher
Resource TypeClass TeachingClass Teaching
Development StageDeveloping IdeaDeveloping Idea

DescriptionThis provides resources for teaching ICT and Geography skills using the theme of Lighthouses.
ObjectiveTo use effective research skills using ICT
To enable collection of data for database work in ICT
To use online resources to support the development of mapping skills
To enrich a study of coasts
AssessmentAt the end of the project were the children able to talk about the locations of lighthouses in the context of the nature of the coasts they were on?
Prior KnowledgeThe children need to be able to have multiple windows open at once on a PC
An ability to copy and paste will aid this work
ExpectationsThat the children will be able to spot patterns in the information they gather about lighthouses as a result of using a database and mapping software to analyse it.
HintsRead more about this project in the Sharing Good Practice when it comes out. This resource will be updated with a link.
There are many applications in other topics for the Google Earth and GPS Visualiser skills.
Materials003001 * - Lighthouse URLs - Word file - A list of URLs which can be used by the teacher and also be edited for use by the children.
All URLs need to be checked before use by children, as they can change their nature.

003001 * - Lighthouse Data Sheet - Word file - A data collection sheet which can be modified to suit the needs of the users.
This can be used in printed format, but is best used in a word procerssor, as then the hyperlinks will work by clicking on them. This also means that an image can be pasted into the file.

003001 * - Google Earth and GPS Visualiser - Word file - Details of how these two super support materials can be used in this project. Many of the ideas could also be adapted to support other topics. Particularly useful for mapping activites.

003001 * - Lighthouse Google Earth kmz file - This file can be loaded into Google Earth. It is a folder containing one example placemark and one example circle. See the Google Earth and GPS Visualiser file to see how to do this.

Website Pictopus on ictopus - Some super lighthouse images can be found on pictopus.
Login and then click on 'Pictopus'. The lighthouse images are in the 'Structures' folder.
(You will need to register, but registration is free.)

Website Annotating Google Earth - To see more idea on how to make better use of Google Earth look at this TRE resource.

Website Lighthouses in Italy - Excellent source of information on Italian lighthouses.

Website Aerial pictures of lighthouses round the world - Some wornderful images to compare with maps etc..

Website The Lighthouse Directory - Links to lighthouses all over the world!



Dan Bunker, Tre Moderator
(25 Sep 09)
TRE comment Moderator Comment - A comprehensive starting point for a joint geography / ICT project on lighthouses. A detailed set of URLs are shared along with a data collection template. Clear instructions are given for adding placemarks to Google Earth and using a GPS visualiser tool.

By Author
003001 * - Lighthouse URLs - Word file (41 kb)
003001 * - Lighthouse Data Sheet - Word file (43 kb)
003001 * - Google Earth and GPS Visualiser - Word file (70 kb)
003001 * - Lighthouse Google Earth kmz file (2 kb)
WebsitePictopus on ictopus
WebsiteAnnotating Google Earth
WebsiteLighthouses in Italy
WebsiteAerial pictures of lighthouses round the world
WebsiteThe Lighthouse Directory
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