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Area 5

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Area 5
Project Name Status
A1(M) Hatfield Tunnel Refurbishment Current
A1(M) Major Roadworks Junction 1 near South Mimms Completed
A1089 ASDA Roundabout Resurfacing Scheme Completed
A1089 Southbound Resurfacing Scheme Completed
A13-A1089 Safety Improvements, nr Thurrock Completed
A2 Kent Safety Work to Ashford - Margate Railway Bridge Completed
A23 Hooley Surrey - Gas Main Works Completed
A30 London Road by Long Lane Completed
A30 Town Lane Bus Lay-by Improvements Completed
A40 Denham Viaduct Strengthening and Parapet Replacement Completed
M1 J1-2 Landscape Improvement Scheme Completed
M1 Junctions 1 to 4 Technology Renewal Completed
M1 Junctions 6A - 10 Controlled Motorway Planned
M11 Ancient Woodland Improvement Scheme Completed
M11 Junctions 6 to 8 Improvements Planned
M20-M26 Lighting Completed
M23 Hooley Junction Improvement Planned
M25 Bell Common Tunnel Refurbishment Current
M25 Clacket Lane Service Area to J6 Safety Scheme Completed
M25 DBFO Current
M25 Heathrow Terminal 5 Completed
M25 Holmesdale Tunnel Refurbishment and M25 Junction 25 Improvements Completed
M25 J24 Link Overnight Safety Work Completed
M25 J6 Anticlockwise Offslip Improvements Completed
M25 J7 - J10 Controlled Motorway Current
M25 Jct 12 to 15 Widening Completed
M25 Jct 16 to 23 Widening Current
M25 Jct 27 to 30 Widening Current
M25 Junction 10 Anti-clockwise Slip Road Marking Improvement Scheme Completed
M25 Junction 12 and M3 New Road Layout Completed
M25 Junction 1b - 3 Current
M25 Junction 9 Anticlockwise Exit Part Time Traffic Signals Completed
M25 Junctions 23 to 27 Managed Motorways Planned
M25 Junctions 28 - 27 Speed Harmonisation Completed
M25 Junctions 5 to 7 Managed Motorways Planned
M25 London - Orbital On Hold
M25 MSA New Barn Farm Cobham Planned
M25 Warwick Wold Balancing Pond Outfall Improvement Scheme Completed
M3 Junctions 3 to 2 Eastbound Mobile VMS Scheme Completed
The Dartford - Thurrock River Crossing Current