DfT aim and objectives

The Department for Transport’s aim is transport that works for everyone. This means a transport system that balances the needs of the economy, the environment and society. In support of this aim the Department has five strategic objectives which focus on the core area of our business:

One: To support national economic competitiveness and growth, by delivering reliable and efficient transport networks.

Two: To reduce transport’s emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, with the desired outcome of avoiding dangerous climate change.

Three: To contribute to better safety, security and health and longer life-expectancy through reducing the risk of death, injury or illness arising from transport, and promoting travel modes that are beneficial to health.

Four: To promote greater equality of opportunity for all citizens, with the desired outcome of achieving a fairer society.

Five: To improve quality of life for transport users and non-transport users, and to promote a healthy natural environment.

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