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Business Link is a free business advice and support service, available online and through local advisers. Read more about us.

Local support and services

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How businesses can benefit from selling to government - from identifying contracts to the procurement process

learndirect's new free online course - winning the contract

Find out how to secure a public sector contract with learndirect interactive courses

Regulations that come into force in April 2010

April 2010 regulation changes

Prepare your business for new, amended or reduced requirements

How to get support for utilising young people in your business

Backing young Britain

Find out how to benefit your business by hiring young workers

Calculate the business rates you may be liable to pay

What are your business rates?

Estimate your business rates with our tool and register to save the results to your account

Use our interactive tool to create a document including everything you have to give your new employee in writing

Create a written statement

Write a written statement of employment using our tool - then register to save the results to your account

Real help for businesses now

Real help for business now

Practical help to get your business in the right shape for the year ahead

Tax help

Tax doesn't have to be taxing

Our guides and tools can save you time and hassle

Links to interactive tools

Tools Directory

Interactive tools to help you run your business

Use our interactive tool to find out how much annual leave your employees are due

Calculate your employees' annual leave

Calculate annual leave entitlement and register to save the results to your account

This tool will calculate and produce a statement of payment due to your employees under the statutory redundancy scheme

Calculate redundancy entitlements

Calculate your employee's redundancy entitlement and register to save the results to your account

Resources to help focus your planning, apply best practice and meet government requirements

Grow your farming business

New support to help your farming business become more efficient

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