Prime Minister's Initiative (PMI)

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The second phase of the PMI was launched on 18th April 2006. PMI2 is a 5 year, £35m strategy which aims to:

Secure the UK’s position as a leader in international education and sustain the managed growth of UK international education delivered both in the UK and overseas.

PMI2 is underpinned by key objectives:

  • An additional 70,000 international students in UK higher education; and 30,000 in further education
  • Double the number of countries sending more than 10,000 students p.a. to the UK
  • Demonstrable improvements to student satisfaction ratings in the UK:-
  • Achieve significant growth in the number of partnerships between the UK and other countries.

To achieve these objectives the Programme is underpinned by the following Projects:

  • Marketing – This project leads on marketing and communications strategies to position the UK as a leader in international education.
  • Student Experience – Is intended to contribute to maintaining the attractiveness of the UK as a destination for international students.
    PMI2 has funded the following:
  • Employability – communicating the opportunities to gain work experience and highlighting alumni career successes.
  • HE and FE – To date 235 collaborative HE partnerships and 56 FE partnerships have been created (291 in total).