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Preventing violent extremism - toolkit for schools

Learning together to be safe: a toolkit to help schools contribute to the prevention of violent extremism

This toolkit responds to calls from schools for more practical advice. It is the product of discussions with young people, teachers, the police, community representatives and local authorities across the country.

The toolkit is aimed at school leaders for use in staff training, reviewing school practice and developing partnership working. It is for all schools, primary and secondary, across England. A version adapted for further education colleges is available from the BIS website.

The toolkit gives background information on the threat from violent extremist groups of various kinds and on what might make young people vulnerable, and practical advice for building resilience and managing risks.

The printed version of the core sections of the toolkit can be ordered or downloaded from our publications site. A version of the toolkit is also available on the teachernet website.

One year on

DCSF has received a lot of helpful feedback and ideas from schools and other partners over the course of the year and various new resources have been developed and used in schools. On 17 November 2009, DCSF held a conference to share practice and launch an updated version of these web pages to provide additional tools for the toolkit. These are arranged under the different sections of the toolkit and can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

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