Students safest using the internet when they are trusted to manage their own risk

Pupils in schools that use ‘managed’ online systems have a better knowledge and understanding of how to stay safe when using new technologies, according to The safe use of technologies. ‘Managed’ systems are systems that have fewer inaccessible sites than ‘locked’ systems and so require pupils to take more responsibility for their own safety. ‘Locked’ systems make many websites inaccessible and although this ensures pupils’ safety in school it does not encourage the pupils to take responsibility for their actions or prepare them for dealing with systems that are not locked.

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Survey on sharing good practice to drive improvement

If you are a provider, Ofsted would like to hear your views about how we share good practice with you. Ofsted’s publications highlight aspects of good practice across a range of topics, based on the evidence we gather through our inspection work. We would like your views to help us improve.

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Workstep – how the best training and support programmes are helping disabled people gain their place at work

The best providers of the Workstep programme have displayed a marked shift in the support given to disabled people to overcome mental, physical and personal barriers to get and keep a job, according to Improving progression to unsupported employment.

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School workforce reform helps pupils’ learning if support staff are properly trained and deployed

The wider schools workforce, including teaching assistants and learning mentors, is making a difference to pupils’ learning, according to Workforce reform in schools: has it made a difference?. However, the report also shows that these staff must be effectively deployed, well managed and properly trained.

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Steady progress for citizenship education

The teaching of citizenship is improving but some schools have limited understanding of what is required to provide an effective citizenship education according to Citizenship established?.The report shows schools are making encouraging progress in establishing citizenship as a secure part of the curriculum.

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Creative approaches to learning can help raise school standards, but secure subject knowledge and careful planning are vital

Creative approaches to learning can help raise school standards, but secure subject knowledge and careful planning are vital according to Learning: creative approaches that raise standards. The report confirms that pupils’ motivation, progress and attainment in primary and secondary schools were improved by creative approaches to learning.

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Single equality scheme consultation – Stage two

Ofsted is preparing its first single equality scheme. This is the second stage of the consultation, the first stage identified the priority equality objectives which have shaped the scheme so far.

The closing date for the consultation is 12 March 2010.

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What we do

We inspect and regulate to achieve excellence in the care of children and young people, and in education and skills for learners of all ages.

The new Ofsted brings together the wide experience of four inspectorates to make a greater difference for every child, and for all young people and adult learners, in England. Their educational, economic and social well-being will promote our success as a country.

Our Ofsted: who we are and what we do leaflet and two Raising standards, improving lives booklets explain what we do and how our work is helping to improve outcomes for children and learners. They are available in About us.

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Annual Report 2008/09

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The Report principally presents evidence from inspection and regulatory visits undertaken by Ofsted between September 2008 and August 2009.

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Outstanding Providers 2008/09

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The list of providers judged to be outstanding following an inspection in 2008/09 is now live. You can view the new list on the link below.

The Outstanding Providers list

Safeguarding FAQs

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Our safeguarding FAQs are divided into three sections: schools and colleges; learning and skills providers; Cafcass service areas.

Safeguarding FAQS

Early Years: Leading to Excellence

Ofsted's latest report on early years and childcare focuses on leadership and management.

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