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Primary curriculum overview

 ‘The touchstone of an excellent curriculum is that it instils in children a love of learning for its own sake.’ Sir Jim Rose, Independent Review of the Primary Curriculum

Children’s learning needs to keep pace with our rapidly changing world. The new primary curriculum has been designed to prepare children for the opportunities and challenges that face them in the 21st Century.

The new curriculum is an integrated framework for learning. It provides breadth and balance as well as securing the fundamentals of literacy, numeracy and ICT capability. There is a strong emphasis on children’s personal development, including the development of learning and thinking skills, and personal, social and emotional skills.

The new curriculum offers schools the flexibility to tailor learning to their children’s needs, interests and aspirations. It recognises the importance of play-based and active learning in engaging children and helping them achieve a wide range of outcomes and make the best possible progress.

For more information see the statutory primary curriculum and A short interactive guide to the new primary curriculum.

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