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Inclusion in art and design

Teachers may find the following additional information helpful when implementing the statutory inclusion statement: Providing effective learning opportunities for all pupils. Teachers need to consider the full requirements of the inclusion statement when planning for individuals or groups of pupils.

To overcome any potential barriers to learning in art and design, some pupils may require:

  • alternative tasks to overcome any difficulties arising from specific religious beliefs relating to ideas and experiences that they are expected to represent

  • access to stimuli, participation in everyday events and explorations, materials, word descriptions and other resources to compensate for a lack of specific first-hand experiences and to allow them to explore an idea or theme

  • alternative or adapted activities to overcome difficulties with manipulating tools, equipment or materials

  • help to manage particular types of materials to which they may be allergic.

In assessment:

  • pupils who are visually impaired may be unable to complete the requirements of the programmes of study or attainment target relating to the visual aspects of art and design. Teachers should provide materials, equipment and resources for pupils to develop strength in depth by making a tactile response.

This content relates to the 1999 programmes of study and attainment targets.

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