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Inclusion in geography

Teachers may find the following additional information helpful when implementing the statutory inclusion statement: Providing effective learning opportunities for all pupils. Teachers need to consider the full requirements of the inclusion statement when planning for individuals or groups of pupils.

To overcome any potential barriers to learning in geography, some pupils may require:

  • activities to be adapted to enable them to participate actively and safely in geography fieldwork

  • support to compensate for difficulties in managing visual information and other visual resources. Where support cannot be provided (for example, access for colour-blind pupils to OS maps or satellite images) alternative resources should be used

  • help to observe, and to gain understanding about, geographical features and the environment where visual or multi-sensory impairment or mobility difficulties make it difficult for them to learn about the local environment or wider world.

In assessment:

  • when judgements against level descriptions are required, these should, where appropriate, take account of the provisions above.

This content relates to the 1999 programmes of study and attainment targets.

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