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Assessment is integral to teaching and learning

Embedding assessment in teaching and learning: 

  • is essential in creating personalised learning

  • helps teachers to be flexible enough to recognise learning as it happens

  • results in decisions and actions from both day-to-day interactions with pupils and through taking a periodic overview of progress.

To be effective, assessment needs to be flexible enough to recognise when learning is happening – which means understanding that the curriculum offers a wide range of experiences and activities, which can generate many different types of learning evidence. When assessment is at the heart of classroom teaching, it enables teachers to personalise discussions about the next steps for pupils and shape teaching to best suit their pupils' needs. Careful planning is required to make this effective – assessment information is most useful when pupils can take initiative in classes and pursue ideas for themselves rather than relying on their teacher's instruction.

In order to have an impact, assessment must result in decisions and actions for both the teacher and the learner. This is achieved in the short term through day-to-day interaction between pupils and teachers, and in the medium and longer term by taking a periodic overview of progress that draws on a full range of evidence.

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