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Art and design, personal development and Every Child Matters

Personal development is a vital part of the key stage 3 curriculum and art and design has a distinctive contribution to make in this area. The art and design programme of study provides opportunities to plan sequences of work, learning outcomes and teaching approaches that support personal development through the five Every Child Matters outcomes.

Enjoy and achieve

The subject’s contribution to pupils’ enjoyment stems from the opportunities it gives them to participate in creative, meaningful and intelligent making. Working in active learning environments, pupils learn to think and act as artists, designers and craftspeople. Pupils appreciate the opportunities that art, craft and design give them to express themselves in new and original ways. Art, craft and design allow pupils to explore their identity and place in the world, to have their assumptions challenged and to challenge the assumptions of others.

Be healthy, stay safe

Pupils learn to be healthy and safe not only through developing safe practices in the working environment, but also through the exploration of ideas and issues. Pupils will learn to consider the impact of others on their own lives. Creative work in art, craft and design can be an important way for pupils to explore personal concerns and emotions, and to develop frameworks for values and beliefs. These skills have an important role to play in ensuring pupils’ mental health and sense of wellbeing.

Achieve economic wellbeing

Art, craft and design contribute to pupils’ economic wellbeing by developing the transferable skills of effective communication, critical thinking and creative problem solving. Applied art, craft and design approaches reflect the values and roles of the creative industries and, in the longer term, may contribute to career development in a wide range of occupations.

Make a positive contribution

The programme of study provides opportunities for pupils to work in groups, to take part in discussions and to present their observations. Such activities encourage pupils to collaborate with others, and to develop understanding of, and respect for, others. Exploring art, craft and design across both times and cultures deepens pupils’ global understanding and helps them to engage with local and national issues. Pupils recognise that they can make a difference for the better.

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