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Financial capability and enterprise education

Financial capability

Financial capability is about making sensible choices in relation to managing money. It helps pupils make independent and informed decisions about keeping money safe, budgeting, spending, saving, sharing, borrowing and obtaining value for money. It helps pupils to develop a sense of responsibility, to understand their own and others' needs and to consider the effects of their decisions on themselves, and on families, communities and the wider world.

There are opportunities for pupils to develop financial capability within the school curriculum, in particular in their work in mathematics, PSHE and citizenship, as well as through involvement in other school activities such as work with the community and enterprise projects.

Enterprise education

Enterprise education enables pupils to develop confidence, self-reliance and willingness to embrace change. Through participation in mini-enterprises pupils can practise risk management, learning from mistakes and being innovative.




This content relates to the 1999 programmes of study and attainment targets.

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