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Inclusion in mathematics

Teachers may find the following additional information helpful when implementing the statutory inclusion statement: Providing effective learning opportunities for all pupils. Teachers need to consider the full requirements of the inclusion statement when planning for individuals or groups of pupils. 

To overcome any potential barriers to learning in mathematics, some pupils may require:

  • specific help with number recall or the interpretation of data represented in graphs, tables or bar charts, to compensate for difficulties with long- or short-term memory or with visual discrimination

  • access to tactile and other specialist equipment for work relating to shape, space and measures, to overcome difficulties in managing visual information

  • help in interpreting or responding to oral directions when making mental calculations, to compensate for difficulties in hearing or with auditory discrimination

  • access to equipment or other resources, such as ICT to overcome difficulties in thinking and working in the abstract.

In assessment:

  • when judgements against level descriptions are required, these should, where appropriate, allow for the provision above.

This content relates to the 1999 programmes of study and attainment targets.

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