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ICT in subject teaching

As a general requirement, teachers should provide pupils with opportunities to apply and develop their ICT capability in all subjects (except physical education and the non-core foundation subjects at key stage 1). For each subject, these translate into specific, statutory requirements to use ICT in subject teaching. Teachers should use their judgement to decide when the use of ICT is appropriate at key stage 1 in the non-core foundation subjects.

For each subject, you can find guidance on:

  • how ICT enhances learning

  • any statutory requirements to use ICT in the programme of study

  • non-statutory opportunities to use ICT in the programme of study

  • hardware and software that can support learning.

Advice on using ICT in teaching and learning is available on Becta's Schools website. Becta, the government agency for ICT in education, collaborated in developing this ICT guidance.

ICT in action

You can see see how schools are promoting teaching and learning in ICT by selecting examples of pupils' work from National Curriculum in Action.

This content relates to the 1999 programmes of study and attainment targets.

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