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QCDA has developed a suite of impact measures linked to the intended outcomes of the secondary curriculum reforms. The New Secondary curriculum: Using national evidence to evaluate your curriculum illustrates these impact measures by providing an overview of some of the changes that schools have made, and the impact so far for their learners, drawing on national evidence. A number of reports have informed this summary of evidence. Some of these have been commissioned by QCDA and others have come from external agencies.

In particular, the reports include:

  • Four QCDA reports of 16 case study schools exploring curriculum development in relation to CPD, group work, participation and wellbeing

  • Three QCDA systematic literature reviews of hundreds of studies presenting the findings of the best evidence available on curriculum innovations

  • Three QCDA surveys of teachers in hundreds of secondary schools across England

  • Three QCDA surveys of a representative sample of nearly 6000 secondary pupils followed up with a range of focus groups

  • 3 QCDA reports on the progress made by schools in the Curriculum Network

  • Other QCDA reports of case study school seminars and conferences with local authorities and learning and skills councils 

  • 7 Ofsted reports evaluating the progress being made in implementing the new Key Stage 3 curriculum, the 14-19 reforms and other related aspects of the curriculum 

  • A report by the Association of Professionals in Education and Children's Trusts (Aspect) on local authority views about the new secondary curriculum

Page 10 of from the QCDA publication From implementation to development identified some important questions for schools to consider in developing an evaluation strategy:

  1. What approaches do you use to review and learn from best practice in other schools?

  2. How do you use the outcomes of national evaluations and reports from Ofsted and other resources to stimulate debate and dialogue?

  3. How do you take the outcomes of your internal evaluations and feed them into ongoing development?

Although each of these different forms of evidence has a different level of validity for different purposes we believe that drawing the evidence together helps us to create the textured overview needed to create a picture of the impact of the secondary curriculum reforms.

If you want to read any of the individual reports that have contributed to this publication, they are scattered across the internet on various websites. This section of the websites, however, provides links to all these reports. These links will  be continually updated and includes links to relevant published evidence reports about the impact of the new secondary curriculum.

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