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Designing your curriculum

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Designing your curriculum

A curriculum built on strong principles can offer children experiences that engage, motivate, challenge and instil in them a lifelong love of learning.

These principles form the foundation of the new model of curriculum design. They give a reference point for identifying what is important when making decisions that will influence the learning opportunities for children. Schools will adapt and personalise their design principles to meet the needs and aspirations of their children.

Priniciples to help you design a unique curriculum for your children

Guidance on using the principles to design learning experiences

An interactive tool that takes you through a process to design your curriuculum

A seven-step process to help schools transform their curriculum and make a difference to learning

A tool to help you consider the aims, organisation and evaluation of your curriculum

Curriculum case studies

Let’s learn outside

Sowerby School has put learning outside at the centre of its...

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Guide to the new primary curriculum

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