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Secondary case studies and skills update

As part of three major updates to the National Curriculum website each year, you can now find a number of new and enhanced pages on this site.

Guidance on Functional skills and Personal, learning and thinking skills (PLTS) is now more up-to-date and easier to read.

We have also added the following new case studies, many of which also include films.


Bringing Shakespeare to life

Functional skills

A cross-curricular challenge

Functional skills engage learners

Meaningful mathematical contexts

Resourceful and enterprising learners

Writing funky fairy tales for children

Healthy lifestyles dimension

The huff and puff scheme


An individual approach to history

Exploring history through speeches

Identity and cultural diversity

Cultural diversity across the curriculum

Identity and cultural diversity - new film only


A new look at literacy

Modern foreign languages

Building a language bridge between primary and secondary


Cultural understanding through music - new film only

Personal, learning and thinking skills (PLTS)

A new focus on personal, learning and thinking skills

Success through personal, learning and thinking skills

Progression with PLTS

Making progress in creative thinking

Improving assessment gives status to skills

Putting students at the heart of assessment

Self-assessment supported by the PLTS framework

Physical education

Increasing participation in PE


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